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Support Circle – Latinx Community Organizations  We Love

January 15, 2025

Jefes was founded with community in mind, so we love to learn about organizations dedicated toward helping uplift the Latinx community.   We compiled a list of groups focused on fashion, technology, finance and health and wellness that were founded specifically to bring people together in order to build something bigger.  Most of these organizations have a digital footprint and programing that can be accessed during shelter in place.  

Check them all out below!  

Latinas In Tech - https://www.latinasintech.org/   

We All Grow Latina - https://www.weallgrowlatina.com/ 

Latinas Poderosas - https://www.latinaspoderosas.com/ 

Techqueria - https://techqueria.org/  

Latinos In Finance - http://www.latinosinfinance.org/ 

The Alumni Society - https://thealumnisociety.com/ 

Proud to Be Latina -https://proudtobelatina.com/ 

LENY – Latinas En New York - https://latinasenny.com/ 

Girl Mob - http://thegirlmob.com/ 

Latinx Therapy - https://latinxtherapy.com/ 

Latinas in Motion -https://www.latinasinmotion.com/ 

Ethel’s Club -https://www.ethelsclub.com/ 

Latinx Founders Collective -https://www.latinxfounders.co/ 

Elpha – -https://elpha.com/ 

Latino Tech - https://www.latinotech.co/